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EURO AVIA® - Green Energy Technologies [EA GE-T], encouraged also by the interest shown by the Romanian Government and the EUROPEAN UNION in the development of projects, whose target is the use of renewable sources to produce energy, has been developing activities related to this field, providing INVESTMENT opportunities within RENEWABLE Energy Projects.


EA GE-T has identified more fundamentals for the use of renewable energy sources within different investment projects: 

  • The world – wide interest in developing methods to produce energy from renewable sources;

  • The advantages of renewable energy: significant diminution of pollutin (no atmospheric emissions, acid rains or greenhouse gases, no radioactive wastes), low costs, an ecological and inexhaustible energy source;
  • Romania – a very good technical, yet unexploited, potential, for the use of renewable energy sources; 
  • EA GE–T has in its portfolio more locations with a high potential for the development of Renewable Energies Projects [wind energy, biomass, bio-fuel, etc], in Moldova area and in the south of the country;

  • The promotion of energy produced from renewable energy sources on the internal electricity market – a long term target of the Romanian government, encouraged by the LAW.


The Company is managed by professional Specialists with an extensive back-ground and experience, represented by a young, ambitious, performance driven team, ready to provide consultancy, support and services, with activities structured in 2 departments: WIND ENERGY DEPARTMENT and GREEN ENERGY DEPARTMENT.

13 Jul 2024

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